Cassie’s Story

Screenshot_2015-07-07-06-03-43Following the #CancerandPregnancy awareness week in June, Cassie got in touch with us becasue in her words she “had finally got the courage to share my story and make people aware” so here it is. Thank you for sharing this Cassie

This is my story, I am 27 years old, I have an amazing little boy Cody James and fab family and friends, I try to live life to the full, love socialising and going to different places, love meeting new people and also try to think of a positive out of a negative in crap situations.

So the end of 2013 after meeting my lovely boyfriend we were an item and very quickly discovered I was pregnant. Shock wasn’t the word but after a little while we soon realised this was amazing as neither had children and I’ve always wanted to be a mummy.

When I found I was pregnant they found a ‘lump’. They thought it was all sorts for a few weeks and because it was small they couldn’t put their finger on what it was. After a few weeks and lots of scans they diagnosed it as a ‘fibroid’.

My pregnancy was a bit up and down but I was so looking forward to being a mum so just plodded on through.
I had extra scans through my pregnancy and each time they would tell me it was getting bigger but normal and assured me when i had my baby it would shrink.

I had quite intensive pain but a couple of paracetamol and a hot water did the job.

Screenshot_2015-07-07-06-05-19I worked two weeks up until I had my baby and got induced on the 5th December. I was in pain but went ahead and waited until my gorgeous boy arrived. On the 7th of December 5.02am 2014 I had my miracle baby. So many emotions you go through and such an amazing feeling of love to my new baby.
I had an effect from the epidural but obviously everyone is different but a few days in hospital helped and a week later a returned home to start being a mummy.

Unfortunately it didn’t go quite to plan. After a few days back at home I got such Intense pain and certain pain killers didn’t touch the sides. Eventually I had an ultrasound planned and when I went to have it they realised the ‘fibroid’ was twisted and noticed some fluid around it.
I was admited the next day and scheduled to have it removed and that would be that. Once again it didn’t go to plan,

After 8 hours in surgery and losing 4 pints of blood they had serious complications and because I bled so much they couldn’t stop the bleeding. it was either stop the bleeding or I could have ither ended up In an induced coma or the worse been they not been able to do anything and you can probably guess the rest.

IMG-20150705-WA0006Thankfully I pulled through and they stopped the bleeding, I had four days in intensive care then headed back to my ward to recover.

It was a hard few weeks to get back to normal but I thought I can do this and plodded on. Spending Christmas in hospital was tough but we made the most of our time together, still thinking of it being a ‘fibroid’ and the majority of it had been removed. I just thought get on with it and get normal and rest my body and back….. well as normal as possible lol.

Yet again lighting struck and two days before new year sat with my ‘Fibroid’ questions to ask the doctor and ready for home, I was told the horrendous news that the mass I had was a huge tumour and was NON-HODGKINS lymphoma!

So naive I hadn’t even heard of it and when they mentioned the C word my world plummeted, sat with my mum i was In total shock and thought it was a bad dream.

Somehow we drove home and had to tell my boyfriend and see my baby boy.

After a week or so I got my determination head on to fight this thing and get better.IMG-20150703-WA0005-1
I started R-chop chemotherapy in late January 2015 and wasn’t too bad. After two sessions the mass had shrunk considerably and seedlings around my spleen, liver and pancreas were blasted. Over joyed wasn’t the word and thought yes I’m fighting this bugger.

Unfortunately after my sixth session I had a CT scan and got the awful news I didn’t want to hear. Again with my mum we were told it had appeared around the lining of my bowel and pelvis, and told if I didn’t have the next treatment I had a mere 3 months to live.

Again my world crashed and thought why me, what have I done wrong to deserve this! Deja vu seemed to happen and again had to tell my boyfriend family and friends.

A few days of getting my head around it I prepared myself to tackle this damn cancer and got my determined head on and do it for myself and baby!

I started the R-ice treatment on the 9th of June and completely wiped me out but prepared myself for the worse and tiredness is the main affect.

I have my off days like everyone does and just ride through them.I’m in hospital at the moment for my 2nd session of chemo and have got a heck of a journey ahead of me, but with the amazing support off my mum, boyfriend, sister and amazing friends and family supporting me through this chapter in my life, and of course I have my incredible baby boy as my inspiration to keep focused and positive through the tough times.

Screenshot_2015-07-07-06-06-07Screenshot_2015-07-07-06-02-44But like so many you somehow get the determination from somewhere and plod on to keep fighting x

I’m sorry it’s a long post but wanted to share my story and maybe someone has experienced the same or similar situation and to tell people who are going through something similar experience of chemotherapy to keep going.

It is damn hard but surround yourself with good positive people and keeping determined. It will get you through a rough ride.

Thank you for reading
Cassie  x X x

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