Nicole Roe Dresses to Impress

nicoleThis was a really great idea from Nicole! Click here to see the pictures and read more from here employers NJL Consulting.

Nicole said: “I have been inspired by all the recent fundraising efforts for Mummy’s Star and the story’s of those individuals that the charity has helped.  Cancer is an awful illness that is hard enough for people to come to battle, let alone if they are pregnant or have small children.  I know how much I struggle to look after my two monkeys if I am just sleep deprived so can’t imagine what Mother’s diagnosed with Cancer have to cope with.  This challenge is my small way of trying to help Mummy’s Star to help those families effected by Cancer.

So, here is what I will be doing, starting on Monday 6th April I will be letting my 3 year old son, Thomas, choose my outfit every day for a week.  He will have free reign of my wardrobe, choosing everything I wear including shoes.  If he happens to think my pajamas are particularly fetching so should keep them on, then that is what I will have to do.  I will wear his ‘creations’ to work including meetings with clients and out and about at the weekend and in the evenings.

This challenge does fill me with a certain sense of dread because previously he has made me look like Superman by putting knickers over my jeans and tying a towel round my neck.  Other clothing highlights of his have been when he wore a potty on his head for 48hrs because he thought it was a hat and putting on his sister’s belt and my slippers to be a Cowboy!”

Well done and thank you!

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