Abby’s Story – Cancer and Pregnancy Awareness Week 2015 – Thyroid Cancer

11647260_10204506519531512_161567899_nSo I’m in my twenties and unexpectedly find out I’m pregnant.

As all mothers know your excitement and nervousness clash till after your 12 week scan. After the 12 week scan everything was fine with baby and with me.. or so we thought.

Just beginning to enjoy my pregnancy. Around the 4 month mark I was doing my usual routine of having to take my makeup off when I felt a lump in the right side of my neck. Nothing overly big around the size of a 10p. Weeks went by and i just blocked it out thinking it was just my hormones.

Around the 5 months mark i went to the doctors for a appointment thinking i was only going to find out if I had the usual pregnancy water infection.. When leaving he asked if there was anything else so i mentioned the lump.

Well needless to say I wasn’t leaving anytime soon at that point. After 3 other doctors came to feel the lump I was referred to the hospital to have a camera put up my nose and down my throat. After endless checks, cameras, scans and biopsies I was told the lump would need to be removed after I’d have my son as it was getting bigger….but they were 85% sure it wasn’t cancer.

Months went by. I struggled to enjoy my pregnancy not knowing what was wrong and weather my baby would be ok.

On day 7 overdue i was induced to deliver my baby as i was becoming more drained. He didn’t decide to make a appearance till day 9 (August 26th 2013). The most precious day of my life.

Over Christmas and new year i was nervous awaiting operation day in January. Operation day came and the thought of 11652171_10204506518091476_300466925_nleaving my newborn baby was heartbreaking.

I had half my thyroid removed which is where the lump was. I was sent home the day after with wire stiches through my neck. 2 weeks later I was called into the hospital to be given the devastating news it was cancer, that it had spread throughout my thyriod and that id need the other half taken out asap. Little did I know it would be just 2 weeks later I’d have to do it all over again. Same again, i went home a day later and carried on as normal.

I was called in again and was told I’d need radio iodine treatment in The Christie Hospital, I didn’t have a clue what a thyroid was before all this let alone now not having one or knowing what radio iodine was!.

Once I was told I came to realise in may I’d have to leave my baby boy for a week whilst i stayed in The Christie, locked in a room on my own and if someone came to see me they had to stand behind a lead screen because i was so radioactive.

After getting over the traumatic experience i again carried on as normal for my little boy.

Now in June 2015 I have eventually got the all clear.  I’m left without a thyroid that I never knew much about, but I’ve gained a proud scar across my neck, a beautiful little man who saved my life, amazing Mummy’s Star friends, and the knowledge of things I never thought i could .

11651023_10204506521491561_1674159659_nThe moral of the story is no matter how big or small something you find is please please get it checked asap and dont leave it like I did.

No one is invincible and we are all human. I’m now getting on with life as a mummy but i forever await the day i could find something else..

I’d like to thank Mummy’s Star and all the team for the amazing support I’ve had and I truly don’t no where I’d be now without you all!! X

All my love hugs and kisses

Abby & oliver

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