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Support for you after finishing your healthcare plan

Recovery from the impact of cancer is a gradual process and it can be helpful to think of this as a series of small steps both physically and psychologically. Try not to put pressure on yourself to go back to how you were before cancer, you have been through a difficult time when much has changed. Everyone recovers in their own time and in their own way. Some people can feel pressure or expectation to recover immediately after the treatment ends.

It can be helpful to set some small achievable goals which you can work towards. Working towards goals can help build your confidence and focus on what you are able to do. It can also be helpful to focus on what is in your control and what isn’t.

Many people find it overwhelming to think too far into the future and it can be helpful to think and plan in smaller sections of time i.e. for the next month. It can also feel overwhelming during this time and working out what your priorities are can help you focus on where to spend your time and energy.

Routine scans, tests and monitoring can be worrying and stressful times as you wait for the results of these, try to keep as busy as possible and talk about how you are feeling. Any new symptom or illness can also trigger fears and worries about a reoccurrence of cancer. This is a normal reaction to what you have been through and if you have any health worries please get these checked out by your health care team as soon as possible.

Having cancer may change your outlook on life and what is important to you, you may want to try new hobbies or change your job. Some people can feel quite energised during this time and may want to take a big trip or fundraise. Cancer can also change relationships and how you feel about people who you may have been very close to. This can be upsetting as you may feel let down and unsupported by them.

Many people question why they were diagnosed with cancer and may want to look at their diet and how they exercise to feel they are doing everything they can to look after themselves.

Life after cancer can be a really difficult time to adjust to. At Mummy’s Star, we can support and guide you through this. Please contact us at

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