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Additional financial support for when you most need it

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Mummy’s Star operates a small grants programme, which is aimed at supporting families to provide some financial relief when most needed. You can apply for a grant by completing our online application form, and you can also access information on the grant guidelines opposite.
If you wish to receive a hard copy of either of these documents, please contact us, and they will be sent out first-class to you.

To be eligible for our grants programme, your
child must be under 12 months old at the point of application, and you must reside in the UK or Ireland. Grants are limited to one per family.


Our grants are non-means-tested. 


We do not provide an exhaustive list of what is eligible in our grants programme as every family
has different needs, so please contact us prior to applying. Some examples are listed below:

  • Purchasing donor breast milk if your hospital will not fund this.

  • Payment to access counselling services along with other types of parental support, baby/parent bonding classes etc.

  • Recompense for partners having to take unpaid leave to support at home beyond their existing leave/paternity leave.

  • Travel costs to appointments, including parking fees, which can be extortionate.

  • Payment for additional child-minding required around appointments.

  • Payment for home childcare such as a nanny for a day a week etc around appointments or post-treatment days.

  • Payment for a cleaner in the home.

  • Practical Items such as mastectomy wear. Compression garments for the associated conditions like lymphoedema.

  • Lightweight buggy or swivel car seat to ease mobility post-surgery.

  • An iPad or similar device allowing children to speak to Mum when in hospital overnight etc.

  • Hotel accommodation for a partner if treatment is unavailable locally enabling a partner to be as near as possible.

Please note: Due to the Covid19 outbreak and its impact on our operation, the maximum grant that can be applied for is £250.

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