Awareness Week Fundraising

Last week was fantastically busy! Although awareness is key for us during this time, many people chose to fundraise for us too!

We are always delighted when anyone chooses to raise funds for us, the variety of things going on proves that anyone can do it! Here are some of the highlights!

The midwifery team, headed by Jonathan Cliffe had a successful morning at Warrington Hospital, raising £100 through a raffle and cake sale alongside their awareness stand! One of our lovely Mums, Vicky, popped in to see them too!


Emily Hughes held a cake sale at work raising over £200!!

Emily said “Mummy’s Star is such an important charity for me. When you face a cancer diagnosis it is an incredibly scary and isolating experience. To be a young person going through this, sitting in hospital waiting rooms acutely aware that you are the youngest person in the room often by 20 or 30 years is hard.


To be pregnant at the same time and not only have fears for your own life but for that of your unborn child is indescribable. At a time when I felt like I was the only person going through pregnancy and a cancer diagnosis Mummy’s Star showed me that I wasn’t alone. That other women were in my situation and more importantly many more had faced treatment and had gotten through the other side and had a healthy and happy baby.

This gave me the strength to know that I could do this and I could beat it. As such a small charity with a big mission I wanted to run a bake sale to raise some important funds for them to keep doing their extraordinary work and to keep supporting other families, but also to spread the awareness that this can happen.”

Sam Reece held a sponsored bounce at home with her children and all their friends raising a massive £1,250!

“I want to make other people aware of mummy’s star as no health professionals mentioned this to me, it was only by accident I got into my message request and someone I didn’t know told me all about mummy’s star. I want to give back to the charity what it gave to me and my girls and we want to help other families. My daughters know how important it is to us and they enjoy taking part in raising funds.”

Pete O’Brien, Maddy Pilbury and Emma Marsh took part in the 4 Day Tour of Thameside, and our own Pete Wallroth made an appearance in-between our family fun day!



To everyone who has helped us raise awareness and funds over the last week, THANK YOU!!! Your support means we can continue to reach women and families at a time when they need our help the most!

If you want to get involved you can contact us here, email or get more ideas from our Get Involved pages!

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