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Support with your feelings towards your baby

Mother and a Child
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We often hear and read about bonding with your baby. This refers to an intense attachment you develop with your baby. For some mums, this takes place within the first few minutes of birth and for others, it can take much longer.

Most pregnant women have an expectation of what life will be like once their baby is born. However, the physical and emotional impact of a diagnosis and treatment for cancer can drastically change what this time is like and interrupt the baby bonding which can be extremely distressing for some of our mums.

Feeling that you aren’t bonding with your baby can be especially difficult if you can’t give this baby the same care and attention that you did to other babies you have had, many of our mums feel extreme guilt about this. Fears for your own health may also affect bonding with your baby.

The bond with your baby can develop through caregiving and these can help that process:

  • Eye to eye contact while you are feeding.

  • Talking, signing, smiling and playing with your baby.

  • Having skin to skin contact.

You can also look at what support you can put in place around the house so you can spend as much of your time as possible bonding with your baby. This might include asking family and friends for support with shopping, cooking, laundry and housework.

If you are finding it difficult to bond with your baby then it is important to tell your GP, Midwife or Health Visitor about your concerns. If you would like some support around the difficulties in bonding with your baby please contact us at

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