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Resources for a bit of quiet time or a little pick me up
Suggested blogs and articles
Mindfulness by Shirley Blanch - Mindfulness Coach

She works with young people and adults, using mindfulness to help people make long-term changes to their health and wellbeing using techniques that can be easily incorporated into daily life. She has kindly donated her time to make these video's for our Mummy's Star Family as an introduction to mindfulness. More information and videos are available on her website

Yoga with Catherine

Catherine’s classes focus on compassion, acceptance and self-love combining both dynamic asanas with deep relaxation taught truly from the heart. Catherine is offering free access to her online courses to all our Mums. If you are a Mum or family member and would like to benefit from her generous offer, please contact your Information Support Worker or get in touch using our contact form at any time.


You can read more about Catherine’s work on her website: 

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