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Support for your concerns around a new pregnancy

It is quite common for the families we support to feel as though they have not yet completed the family they hoped to have. Following their cancer diagnosis, treatment and/or surgery, they will think about conceiving again once it is safe to do so depending on the medication they may be on.

With this return to normality and planning the inevitable question will come up at some stage of 'But what if it happens again?'

This is totally understandable after everything you and your family have been through and it is important that you give yourself time to process this feeling; both yourself and together with your partner.

We hope that you will have been offered counselling or other psychological support to aid you through this. If not please do get in touch and we will see what other support we can find for you

Remain vigilant

From the end of your treatment/surgery and being signed off, if applicable, it is very important that you remain vigilant at all times of any discomfort, pain or unusual sensations and if you are concerned, make an appointment with your GP immediately.

While 99% of the time, this will offer reassurance either there or with a further test/scan at the hospital, it is essential that you are checked and monitored if required.

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