Planning fun and successful events

Whether you are looking to host a coffee morning or run a marathon. You will find some useful guides on publicising your event, stories from our Star Fundraisers, ideas and tips, plus all you need to know about staying safe and legal.

Fundraising can be anything you want it to be! Think about what you are interested in, what you have time for and do you want to challenge yourself? You can make your activity as big or as small as you like.


We will support you all the way! We can help provide you with posters for your event, a vest to run in, cake flags, or our star merchandise to sell. We can also provide you with a letter of authority upon request.

People Working in Open Office


You are likely to spend about 90,360 hours at work in your lifetime! Make the most of it by organising one of these fun fundraising events with your colleagues.

  1. Sweepstake

  2. Tea and coffee runs

  3. Swap jobs for a day

  4. Raffle

  5. Sponsored silence

  6. Family fun day or picnic

  7. Spare change collection

  8. Bake sale

  9. Dress down day




Do you have a reason to celebrate? This can be a great way to ask your friends and family to donate to a cause you really care about.

  1. Wedding favours or gifts

  2. Birthday party

  3. Baby naming or christening

  4. Mummy’s milestone

Friends Dancing in Bubbles


If you are looking for something for the young and old alike, consider holding an event in a local community centre or town hall.

  1. Arts and crafts stall

  2. Auction of promises

  3. Talent show

  4. Street party or fair

  5. Bring and buy sale

  6. Dinner and dancing

  7. Join a group

Off to School


Have fun at school with friends,

family and teachers. Donating as a group is a great way to involve your school and community.

  1. School event

  2. Cake sale

  3. Bring a teddy day

  4. Dress up day

  5. Art competition

Family Photobooth Photoshoot


Want to have a fantastic time with your family and friends while supporting a great cause?

Consider holding a get together with all your nearest and dearest.

  1. BBQ

  2. Coffee morning

  3. Dinner party

  4. Quiz night

  5. Sports day

  6. Swap shop

GIrl Running


Want to get fit, have some fun and help to raise on your own or in a group whilst you exercise.

  1. Join a group or club

  2. Take part in an organised event

  3. Create your own event