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Alice’s son Bertie was just 9 months old when she was diagnosed with bone cancer. Alice had weeks of chemo and her left leg amputated.
Being a new mum and having cancer has been tough.

Alice said ‘Having Cancer in the first year of Bertie’s life as horrible. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to be a good mum to Bertie and I felt bad for him, as it was not what I had planned for him or brought him into the world to be part of.’

Meet Alice and watch her story

We’d love to see a day when cancer and pregnancy are not words used together, but we’re here for mums EVERYDAY and working hard to help SUPPORT every family through this extremely traumatic situation.

Mums and their Families URGENTLY need our support. Mums needing our support has doubled in the last 18 months. Rising from 350 mums in our first 4 years, to support for over 350 mums in just the last 18 months alone.*

Pete Wallroth, CEO at Mummy’s Star said ‘This year we need YOUR HELP to reach and SUPPORT more families through cancer and pregnancy. We need to raise £250,000.’

Over the last 6 years we have already supported over 700 families, gifting over £290,000 in grants to mums and provided educational talks to over 10,000 health professionals to help increase awareness and let them know about the support we can provide to their patients.

Please help us to raise VITAL FUNDS so we can offer this SUPPORT to more mums and their families.

Please GIVE TODAY, so we can be there for them.

Supporting a mum can cost less than the price of a coffee.

Thanks for your support!

Mummy’s Star Team x

(*PHE figures June 2018 and Mummy's Star 2019.)

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