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Mummy's Star is always working hard to raise awareness of the challenges and realities faced by our mums and families. We also work with healthcare professionals and academics to improve understanding and knowledge of any maternity or healthcare worker who finds themselves at the intersection of cancer and pregnancy.

Leaflets and campaigns

Our leaflets are now available in many hospitals and cancer centres around the UK and Ireland, however there are always more we need to reach. If you can help by having our leaflets at your place of work or would like us to come in and deliver a cancer and pregnancy training and education session, please contact our Support Team here

You can also choose Mummy’s Star as the focus for an awareness week/month in your setting, or as the beneficiaries of a fundraising challenge or event. For more help raising awareness in your place of work, contact the Fundraising Team here.

Public Speaking, Conferences and Other Appearances

Mummy’s Star regularly attends conferences and events nationwide to share more about what we do and why we do it. We have also been featured on various media platforms and podcasts.

Whether on a stand, giving a talk, or chatting for an hour on your podcast, our CEO Pete and other members of the Support Team can provide your delegates or audience with a unique and valuable insight into this complicated and challenging experience for both mums and families.

If you would like Mummy’s Star to appear at your conference, event or online please contact Pete here.

Collaboration & Research

Breast Cancer in Pregnancy

This reference guide was developed by Melanie Nana, Mark Harries, Janine Mansi, Surabhi Nanda, and Catherine Nelson-Piercy at Guys and St Thomas Hospital Trust, and is endorsed by Mummy's Star. Please click on images below to view pdfs.

Mummy’s Star has participated in a number of research projects to help begin to build a comprehensive understanding of cancer in and around pregnancy. With better understanding we know we will we be able to better support our mums and families. We are always interested to hear about new, peer-reviewed work aiming to develop this rare field.

Our research collaborations include:

If you would like to discuss a possible research collaboration, contact us here.

Previews of the PDF download
Preview of the PDF download
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