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Mummy's Star can support your patient beyond birth and beyond a primary diagnosis

While your contact with a patient may come to an end following them giving birth or fulfilling a treatment plan, Mummy's Star can continue to offer support and assistance for as long as they require it. 

We are also here to support mums who receive a secondary diagnosis of cancer, regardless of how long they have been in remission.

Click here to find out more about how we can support your patient beyond your care or click here to refer them directly.

No matter how much experience you have, little prepares you for supporting a pregnant woman or one who has given birth through end of life care. During this time we encourage you to access support through your place of work or study and to consider counselling and any other support you may require.

For your patient, your most important act will be to care for them just as you would any other pregnant person or new mum. Encouraging them to celebrate this time as much as is physically and emotionally possible, and make memories for the whole family. Being a mum first and a cancer patient second will support the family to move through these difficult experiences connected and together, and with as much ease as possible.

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