Grant advice for your patients and fundraising for us

Grant Advice for patients

We provide non-means-tested financial assistance to families we support.

For a family to be eligible for our grants programme your child must be under 12 months old at the point of application and you must reside in the UK or Ireland. Grants are limited to one per family.

Fundraise for Us

Mummy’s Star is only able to support mums, their families and healthcare professionals thanks to generous donations. Each year we need to raise funds to ensure we can continue to offer the same support to new mums that approach us.


If you and your colleagues would like to help raise funds we would be really grateful! We have lots of fun and easy fundraising ideas we can share with you.


To find out more about fundraising visit Fundraise for us


If you want to find out more or have your own fundraising idea, please get in touch at

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