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Grants and other financial assistance for your patients

The Mummy's Star Small Grants Programme

We provide non-means-tested financial assistance to families we support in the form of a small grant; currently capped at £250. Grants are limited to one per family.


These grants are intended to support a family struggling with the costs and financial strain of cancer in or around pregnancy. While we do not specify their use, some examples include:


  • Covering fuel, parking, and transport costs to and from appointments

  • Purchasing a lightweight stroller or swivel car seat so mum can care for her child more easily without physical strain

  • Childcare or cleaning costs to help the family focus on recovery and quality time

  • Compensating for a loss of income due to a partner giving up work to care for mum and family

To be eligible for our grants programme, they must be diagnosed during pregnancy or within 12 months of giving birth and apply for the grant within this time-period. They must also reside in the UK or Ireland.

Contact us here to apply for a grant.

Click here for application guidelines, including information regarding eligibility.


Other support and organisations

Your patients may also be eligible for financial support from the UK Government and other charities and organisations. Contact us and we can help direct you and your patient towards relevant, local organisations.

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