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Patients and families are eligible for Mummy's Star support if:

1. Patient is diagnosed with cancer during pregnancy.
2. Patient is diagnosed with cancer within a year of giving birth.

3. Patient has died due to a cancer diagnosed during pregnancy or within a year of giving birth.

Click on the titles below to learn how we can support you, your team and your patients.

A group of nurses in blue uniforms all hold their hands together in the centre of a circle
Emotional Support

Find out how we can support you and your team through the challenges of caring for a patient with cancer in or around pregnancy.

A pregnant belly covered by a white t-shirt. Two hands hold a blue foil star where the belly button would be.
Financial Support

Find out more about the financial support that may be available for your patient and who to speak to for up-to-date information.

Two hands, holding each other, resting on top of a blue blanket with white stars.
Beyond Support

Find out how we can support your patients beyond the conclusion of your care.  

A man stands in front of a white board in a Mummy's Star t-shirt
Educational support

Find out about our bespoke Cancer and Pregnancy Training and Education sessions, designed specifically for students, midwives, and healthcare professionals.

The microphone on a lectern with a Mummy's Star wristband hanging off it.
Advocacy Support

Find out how we raise awareness and advocate for better knowledge and understanding through conferences, media appearances and research.

A pregnant belly wearing a Mummy's Star t-shirt. Two hands are under the bump, holding it. The logo is visible in the foreground. In the background is a wooden brisge.
Informed Support

Important information to help you navigate the complexities of cancer diagnosed in or around pregnancy and better support your patients.

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