Launch Message – 18 June 2013

1 week after birthWell today is the official launch of Mummy’s Star however thanks to all your support thus far, your sharing of our page spreading the word far and wide and to the MEN for their article last Wednesday.

So why specifically the 18 June you may ask? Please take the time to read on and you will understand why!

A year ago today I left my parents home in Preston with Mair and Martha in the car driving back to our home in Hadfield, dropping Mair off to a routine examination at Tameside Hospital in Manchester at 10am. I took Martha to the park waiting for Mair’s call to come and pick her up and then we were going for lunch somewhere nice in the Peaks. We were all very excited having had confirmation at a recent scan that we were to have a baby boy in October that year

At 10.28am Mair rang. I was unnerved by how early she was ringing and what she told me next was to turn our lives upside down forever.

She had just been told she had breast cancer.

I dropped Martha off with the child-minder and immediately joined Mair at the hospital for a day of tests which further confirmed the nature of the cancer. Mair was 22 weeks pregnant.

What followed in the next 12 months was a combination of scary; at what was ahead of us; nervousness at the impact of treatment on our baby boy, worry for Martha and the rest of the family, excitement at seeing Merlin brought into the world in September and ultimately complete devastation at the loss of Mair in December of that same year after the cancer spread to her brain aggressively and thus robbing Martha and Merlin of their mummy, our family of much loved daughter and sister and me of my wife and soul mate who I had an amazing ten years with.

Amongst all the emotion however there has been one word that kept coming up: Inspiration!

Inspiration best describes those who cared for Mair,  the amazing friends, family, community, medical professionals ,charities  and work colleagues who helped and supported us all through this incredibly difficult time and  those complete strangers who stopped me in the street offering support wherever they could and who have since become friends

It is this inspiration and that of Mair as a person that has taken us to where we are today 12 months on and the start of a new journey where we can offer support to others who find themselves in a situation like ours; A time in a family’s lives when looking forward to the birth of a child rises above everything else going, but is cruelly interrupted by cancer.

In the years that follow this, I hope that the 18 June will become synonymous in my mind and that of our family and friends and everyone else involved with Mummy’s Star as the day we started something special rather than what I have just described.

Please continue to share as far and wide amongst your friends, family, colleagues and businesses as possible to help raise awareness of this situation and to ensure that others going through it know there is a charity out there that can offer support.

Today we are launching Mummy’s Star!

1 week after birth

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