moIts November or as it has become increasingly well known ‘Movember’!

Yes that time of year where us guys can legitimately get away with trying to grow all manner of daft moustache.

It’s all for a good reason though in that it’s aim is to promote awareness of Men’s Health, with a big focus on mental health.

I spend a lot of time thinking about the partners of the women we support and whether we do enough for them or what we can do.

I wonder whether they talk to anyone or what impact everything is having on them, or whether, like I did with Mair, they tuck their head down to be there for their partners ‘to be strong’ as the phrase goes.

This is a completely understandable thing to wish to do but sometimes it’s counter productive. Sometimes being strong also translates to bottling up.

Whenever I have visited one of our mums or spoken to them I always ask about how they feel their partner is dealing with everything or I’ll ask it of the partner themselves “How are you?”
The inevitable answer from the mum is “He’s not really talking” or “I can tell its bothering him but he won’t say”

Despite the fact that the mum herself is the one going through the treatment, that doesn’t stop her worrying about those around her especially her partner. If they seek help it helps mum too!!

Seeing the person you love going through a treatment or surgery for cancer, or any other illness for that matter is horrible. You can feel useless, inept, powerless and sooner or later it take its toll.

I really really want to get more of our #MummysStarMen talking and I ask that you help with this throughout this Movember and beyond.

Whether it’s the partner of one of our mums, the partner of a women going through treatment who isn’t necessarily a person we actively support it doesn’t matter. Let’s get this talked about and have a place where men can talk.

I’ve set up a new secret forum yesterday evening on FB, similar to the one our mums have dubbed ‘Their Mummy’s Star Family’ in the hope we’ll be able to push this, get them joining it and get them talking.

The fun angle on this is the #Mo itself. Encourage your partners to take part and grow a #Mo this #Movember. Share the images on here, on Twitter, on Instagram and use the hashtags #MummysStarMen #MummysStarMo

Our Mummy’s Star women, please ask your partner to take part and please encourage them to join this forum and create at outlet for our #MummysStarMen talking

As someone who drove their wife mad by not seeking support until I broke down in tears one night I can say first hand that #TalkingHelps #CounsellingHelps It helps hugely!! I saw the relief in her demeanor when I went to that first counselling appointment.

Thank you for reading. I know it was a long post but hopefully it’ll be worth it

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