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We offer support to healthcare professionals who are supporting patients diagnosed with cancer in or around pregnancy. We can...
  • connect you them a dedicated Information & Support Worker who can provide emotional support, knowledge and information 

  • signposting and referrals to other supportive organisations for yourself

  • support library and hub of helpful articles and real life stories

Emotional Support

Caring for a patient in this unfortunate and frightening situation can take an emotional toll. Mummy’s Star is ready to support you in navigating the unique professional and personal challenges.

Our Support Team at Mummy’s Star have all lived with or worked in the field of cancer and healthcare, and have vital academic and anecdotal advice as well as a deep well of empathy and understanding, which you can access.

If you feel you would benefit from knowledgeable peer support, we can connect you to a dedicated Information & Support worker (separate from that of your patient, if they are also being supported by us). They can offer regular check-ins either by text, email or phone, or even a one-off call to chat through a case. ​

doctor phone

“I feel like I have a friend who understands what I am going through, someone who can provide positivity and support. Just to know someone is checking in on me is a lovely feeling.” Mum, 2022

Training and education

We offer bespoke training and educations sessions about cancer and pregnancy for students and professionals. These sessions can take place in person or online, and the content can be tailored to suit your needs.

Created using academic and anecdotal evidence gathered by Mummy’s Star and its associates and partners over the last 10 years, we also include the newest, most relevant insights and statistics and tell you more about Mummy’s Star and the support we offer. Most importantly we bring you the voices and experiences of actual families who we have supported through various stages of pregnancy, illness, and recovery.

Printed Resources

We have a number of printed resources available for yourself and your workplace, including:

  • leaflets for patients and professionals

  • postcard packs

  • poster packs

Community Newsletter


Our quarterly e-newsletter for healthcare professionals is a fantastic resource to keep you up to date with developments in the field of cancer and pregnancy and the support we offer. 

There is also an opportunity to request content and ask questions.

Support Hub and Support Library


Our Support Hub and Library contain a wealth of helpful articles and real life stories to inform and inspire you while supporting a patient diagnosed with cancer in or around pregnancy. 

These resources are free to access here on our website.

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