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Support with your feelings towards your baby

You may find bonding with your newborn baby less straightforward than one would naturally expect. However, it's important to recognise that there are numerous reasons why this can happen:

  • Bonding is totally different for everyone no matter if this is your first baby or you already have children. Every birth experience is different.

  • It can be hard to know who needs you most when your loved one is going through treatment and it is heart-breaking to watch them unable to participate in the way they would hope to and so feel torn.

  • You may experience a form of Post Natal Depression (yes this does happen to men too, more commonly than you think) as well as women, and this can be even more pronounced when something as traumatic as a cancer diagnosis comes in that same period.


Our main message here is to be kind to yourself and see your baby’s needs first and foremost. This will help your partner know that your baby is looked after and has one of you close.

Above all though, reach out if you need to do so. You are not adding to your partner's worries by showing how this is all affecting you as well. In fact, it often brings relief for your partner if she sees you letting your feelings be known. We phrase it in this way because many of the partners we help have used the phrase 'I don’t want to seem weak when she has so much going on already’.


Remember you’re not being weak, you are being human.

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