Support when you are experiencing a loss

For some of the families we support, they will face incredibly difficult decisions These can be whether to forgo some treatment/surgery in order to continue their much wanted pregnancy to a safe delivery point or heartbreaking decisions which can lead to the loss of their baby


Whatever the reason, if you find yourselves in this situation, it is important to recognise your need and right to grieve, despite ongoing treatment and/or surgery and likewise your medical team should too.


You should be offered and have access to all loss support in the same way you would, had there not been a cancer diagnosis and this includes memory making and being offered the opportunity to take prints and photographs with you and your baby.


For further guidance and information following a loss we suggest contacting:

Stillbirth and Neonatal Death charity




Child Loss

Our Missing Peace



Memory boxes

4Louis 4louis.co.uk

Simba simbacharity.org.uk


Most hospitals caring for you provide information on these organisations anyway but if in doubt please ask.