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Support for when your partner's healthcare plan finishes

The psychological impact of cancer is varying for partners after the treatment finishes and there is no order in how things happen.


It is understandable to feel ready to get on with life once your partner's treatment/surgery has finished however it is important, amongst other things, to recognise that like her you may feel:

  • Sad at what has changed.

  • Confused that you are not feeling what you expected to.

  • Let down by friends and family.

  • Angry at what has happened to your family.

  • Irritated at comments from people.

  • Anxious about your partner's health and the future.

  • Resentful at people getting on with their lives.

  • Nervous about sharing how you feel will upset or worry your friends and family.

  • Difficult to talk to people who have not had cancer.


Dr Peter Harvey has written a useful article about the time after treatment and can be found on his link:

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