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This section includes our recent media stories and statements covering issues that are pertinent to our mums

11th July 2022

Mummy's Star seeking new Chairperson for Board of Trustees

Mummy's Star is looking for a new Chairperson to lead our Board of Trustees. The work of our Board of Trustees is vital, providing invaluable leadership to direct and support all that we do. The Chair of the Trustees provides inclusive leadership, a visible face to the organisation and ensures the Board fulfils its duties.

As we approach our 10th year, it is exciting time to join Mummy’s Star. We have broadened the conversation about cancer and pregnancy nationwide, and internationally, despite our small stature. We want to maintain what we have built and take the charity to that next level.

For full details on the role of Chairperson including benefits, person specification and how to apply, click here.

For full details on the role of Chairperson, benefits, person specification and how to apply, click here.

If you would like an initial conversation to find out more about the role, please contact the CEO Pete Wallroth on to arrange a suitable time with him or a trustee.

1st July 2022

Statement from Mummy's Star - Roe vs Wade 24/06/2022

As a charity providing support to families diagnosed with cancer during pregnancy and postnatally, advocating for and supporting the choice of all those we support, Mummy’s Star are deeply saddened by the decision in the US on Friday 24 June regarding Roe vs Wade and the removal of access to abortion care.

Abortion is never an easy decision for any family. Following a cancer diagnosis in pregnancy, the treatment options available to a family do, at times, require the consideration to ending that pregnancy depending on type of cancer or gestation to offer the best outcomes for the woman. This is a heart-breaking decision to make but an option nonetheless that a family should be able to have to maintain an informed choice in healthcare.

We believe in informed choice and person-centred care for all women. Women are safe coming to us knowing that we will support them, free from judgement, with compassion and empathy.

We can and do advocate for our women - ensuring that they get the best possible help, care, and support that they need, and this includes safe access to abortion if it needs to be considered

While Roe vs Wade will not directly affect the families we support in the UK and Ireland, as an organisation working to raise awareness of cancer and pregnancy here and with international partners, we feel it important to highlight the deep concern this causes for those diagnosed with cancer in pregnancy on a wider scale.

We believe the right to choose and have access to abortion forms part of essential healthcare for all.

Mummy’s Star: Cancer Support In and Around Pregnancy, Loss, Birth and Beyond

“Lack of access to safe, timely, affordable and respectful abortion care poses a risk to not only the physical, but also the mental and social well-being of women and girls”

World Health Organisation (WHO)

29 June 2022

Dame Deborah James

We were deeply saddened, yesterday evening, to read of the death of Dame Deborah James @bowelbabe

Deborah was a truly incredible individual who has created a legacy with her

endless campaigning and awareness raising of #bowelcancer & beyond.

Our thoughts are with her husband, children and family at this difficult time.


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