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Delivering Our Education Sessions Virtually in 20/21

In the first few months of 2020, our education sessions and study days were in higher demand than ever before, thanks to the excellent feedback we were receiving and us having so many amazing advocates spread far and wide in the UK and Ireland.

We delivered from Northumbria to Cardiff, Dublin to Glasgow, Hull, London, Nottingham and beyond, adapting our content with every session based on feedback from both students and health professionals alike.

And then it had to stop! Covid arrived and interupted life with devastating and uncertain consequences.

It took everyone a while to get used to new ways of working, virtual calls and meetings, and education was far from immune to these challenges but it slowly became a new routine and with it we began delivering some of our education sessions virtually.

We wanted to share feedback from some of those sessions delivered to Nottingham, Dundalk and Kings College to illustrate that just because we can only provide these sessions virtually at present, they are clearly no less impactful on the audiences that watch and listen.

'I learned so much that will benefit anyone I come into contact with in future who finds themselves in a cancer during or after pregnancy situation. From the big things like being able to undergo chemo in 2nd trimester to smaller, but very important things like arranging more scans on chemo day so it takes the focus off the cancer and puts it on the baby. Pete has a very holistic view of what a person is going through, looking at the support at home, the emotional toll and practical things as well as the medical side of it. I was delighted to hear his normalisation of breastfeeding and the grief it can cause a mother to have that choice taken away and how important it can be the family to arrange for donor milk, if they wish. Highlighting the need to directly engage fathers was very good to hear too - and it's something we should be doing for all pregnancies, not just those with a cancer diagnosis as his own story showed at the end. The two hours flew.’

Student, DkIT Midwifery

'I thoroughly enjoyed the presentation and was able to learn so much on how to support women and their families during this period. I felt it has help equip me with the knowledge I can use as a student midwife and throughout my career as a midwife!

Student, Kings College

‘Pete’s presentation was excellent, and the two hours flew. I learned so much. From big things like pregnant mothers being able to undergo chemo in the 2nd trimester until 34 weeks to smaller things like shifting the focus for the parents from ‘chemo day’ to ‘scan day’ with some chemo on the way home, in order to normalise the pregnancy for them. The case studies made it real for us.

I loved how he normalised breastfeeding and recognised the grief mothers feel when that choice is taken from them. The importance of donor milk being suggested was so good to hear. Highlighting the need to focus on fathers too, not just in pregnancies like these, but in all pregnancies like his own example showed us at the end was a really good point. Overall, this type of holistic care covering the emotional and practical aspects of how cancer has affected this pregnancy (or immediately afterwards) and this family is what everyone going through such a terrible situation should receive and I’m so glad he has decided to devote his life to doing this and educating health professionals to do so too. Please keep speaking to students. They will know the face behind the organisation and that will really help when they are qualified if they need to refer families to you.’

Student, Nottingham University

We are here and available to deliver our sessions to universities, educational establishments and health professionals when you need us so please get I touch and we can work out how to best meet your needs on

This is what we can cover:

  • Overview of cancer and pregnancy.

  • Challenges placed upon families.

  • The key role that midwives play within this scenario in terms of continuity of care.

  • Work that the charity does to support both the families and health professionals.

  • Number of different case studies of women we’ve supported/different cancers/stages of pregnancy diagnosed.

  • Introduction to Mummy’s Star. Who, What, Why, How?

  • Cancer & Pregnancy. Unpicking Myths and raising awareness.

  • Group exercise. A bit like writing a green top guideline for a mum presenting with cancer in pregnancy and how to support her.

  • Fear of Birth and caring for partners.

  • Fathers Mental Health.

  • Opportunity for Q&A.


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