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Dying Matters Awareness Week

To mark Dying Matters Awareness Week 2021, we have collated our online resources for anyone experiencing, or supporting a loved one through end of life care.

Mummy’s Star actively encourages our Mums and their families to make informed choices around how they wish to approach all aspects of an end of life journey. This topic can be difficult, painful and at times overwhelming, but there is a lot of support out there to help you manage the different elements and individual support needs.

Our End of Life page suggests a number of actions that can be taken to prepare for one’s own, or a loved one’s, death. It has been split into the four main elements of care: physical, practical, emotional and spiritual needs. Click here to read more.

We also have a page detailing financial support and benefits specifically tailored to end of life needs.

Finally, we have some blog posts that explore different experiences of an incurable cancer prognosis; explaining why Mummy would be the brightest star in the sky, and

choosing to die at home.

Exploring the possible care and support available for the final part of life can provide a much-needed understanding of what is going to happen and reassurance that the support and care someone needs, can be put in place.

Our Information and Support Workers are always here to support a Mum who has received a terminal diagnosis. Support is also available for her family to help them decide together how best to manage this difficult time.

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