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Mums to benefit from Jennifer Young’s Ten Thousand Gift giveaway!

We were delighted to receive some goodies to give away to our mums as part of the Beauty Despite Cancer’s amazing 10,000 gift giveaway.

Jennifer Young, an oncology skincare and holistic therapy specialist who founded Beauty Despite Cancer, asked customers to name the charities and cancer support groups that they have found to be the most helpful during their cancer journey. It was wonderful to hear that so many of our wonderful mums and families have felt supported over the years, and that people want to help others who are being treated for, living with or recovering from cancer in and around pregnancy. Jennifer was inspired to create bespoke beauty products suitable for people undergoing cancer treatment after being invited to work with a group of ladies at her local hospital. She has since created more than 300 specialist products to reduce the effects of cancer treatment on the body. Mummy’s Star HQ has the beauty products ready to send out to mums when they need their spirits lifting or are going through an especially difficult time. Everyone loves a surprise parcel and we hope that a small gift feels like a big hug from the Mummy’s Star Team!

@beautydespitecancer #tenthousandgifts


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