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Our Super Star Trustees

Did you know we have a Board of Trustees to help Mummy's Star achieve all the amazing things we do?

We currently have 11 awesome trustees, including our CEO Pete.
Some are very new to Mummy's Star (Oct 2023) and some have been with the Team for many years. Their amazing blend of experience and specialisms is something the charity benefits from in many ways.

What is a Trustee?

A trustee is a person who sits on the Board of a charity. Each one is responsible for ensuring the charity carries out its prescribed purposes for public benefit, complies with the law and its own governing documents and holds the charity accountable to its own best interests.

Some trustees will also take on official roles on the Board. These roles are: Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Treasurer and Secretary.

Are Trustees paid?

Our Trustees are volunteers who give their time and skills to Mummy's Star generously and for no payment or return. They aren't considered staff, but are part of the larger Mummy's Star Team!

What does a Trustee actually do?

Trustees will attend Board meetings and a charity's Annual General Meeting. They may also sit on sub-groups that focus on particular projects or parts of the organisation.

At Mummy's Star, almost all our Board meetings are held online. This allows our Trustees to call in from anywhere in the UK.

At Board meetings they receive reports from our different departments, including Support and Fundraising. They may also discuss larger topics that affect the charity overall.

Trustees are encouraged to ask questions, help create policies and processes, and offer support to the charity's staff (or volunteers) in fulfilling necessary tasks and in developing the organisation, helping it to grow.

Who are the Mummy's Star Trustees?

We have a fantastic mixture of individuals from all kinds of backgrounds, including midwifery, financial, legal, HR, communications and governance experts. Many of our Trustees also have direct or indirect experience of cancer in or around pregnancy, or life with a chronic condition.

Trustees can sit on the Mummy's Star Board for a period of three years before they must decide if they would like to repeat their term and be voted back in.

We are so grateful for al our trustees and the amazing support they bring to our work!



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