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A: I use this bot: Payment reminder for 2 days every month on day 1 of the month. It's free and it works well. Q: OpenGL 3D textured cube but only on one side I want to make a 3D textured cube with a solid colour on the outside face, I only want this one face to be rendered to, not the whole cube. How can I achieve this? A: If it was me I'd have an array of two-dimensional textured cubes, but using the material side face only. Array of cube textures Render all cubes with the same material. You can do that for any number of dimensions. I don't know how you would map the texture coordinates for the faces, but that should be straight forward. I assume the material could be easily calculated based on the face the cube is on. Then you render just the faces you want to.  Searching... No results for {{$t('')}}