Lovely  offers and treats especially for our mums
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A little gift of lovely!

Mums to benefit from Jennifer Young’s Ten Thousand Gift giveaway!

We were delighted to receive some goodies to give away to our mums as part of the Beauty Despite Cancer’s amazing 10,000 gift giveaway.

Mummy’s Star HQ has the beauty products ready to send out to mums when they need their spirits lifting or are going through an especially difficult time. Everyone loves a surprise parcel and we hope that a small gift feels like a big hug from the Mummy’s Star Team!

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Yoga with Catherine

In November 2014, Catherine’s middle sister Philippa was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma whilst pregnant with her third child Grace. Grace was born prematurely for Philippa to begin her treatment. Today, both Philippa and Grace are thriving. At a time of such darkness and difficultly within her family’s personal life, Catherine began her own practice of restorative yoga which she now describes as her 'Saving Grace'.  

Catherine is offering free access to her online courses to all our Mums. If you are a Mum or family member and would like to benefit from her generous offer, please get in touch with your Information and Support Worker or drop us an email 


You can read more about Catherine’s work on her website: 

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