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Receiving an incurable or end-of-life diagnosis can be painful, frightening and overwhelming. But it does not diminish the joys, achievements and happy memories that create a life.
A Virtual Memory Box can capture these - as photos, videos, messages and more -  in a safe, interactive place where you, your friends and family can come together, remember
nd connect for years to come.

Why use a Virtual Memory Box?

Everything you upload is kept on a single webpage that is hosted on a secure server through our partner Much Loved, the UK's leading in-memory platform. It can hold heaps of photos and videos, along with written notes, messages and stories, without you needing to find physical space in your home! It can all be accessed easily through a single weblink and viewed on a laptop, desktop, tablet or phone.

Access to the page can be restricted to just yourself and your family, or you can share the link with your friends and community too.

Secure and spacesaving

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Easy to use

Adding to the Memory Box is as easy as updating a social media page, with the added benefit that you don't need to sign up and register an account. This is true for anyone who adds to the box, not just the box owner, so it's easy to get your wider family and friends involved too.

You can access your Memory Box via any device so it's easy to upload photos direct from your phone or tap in a quick note or memory without needing to get up or get to a desk.

Fully customisable and managed (if you prefer)

A Virtual Memory Box can be customised (including colours, images and elements included) and updated at any time.

When a Memory Box is created, you have complete control. Our Team will send you a link to guide you through the very simple creation process and from there it's all yours.

If you'd like a little help in creating the page, our Team can build the basics for you and then handover logins (using a secure process) so that you and your family/friends can continue to manage the page's upkeep.

We can also maintain full control of a page and be responsible for its upkeep. If this is your preference we will discuss with you what this might look like.

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Great source of comfort

These memory boxes can be a great source of comfort and connection, especially for young children. They can become a treasure trove of memories for little ones who may not have as many solid memories of their own, and a wonderful comfort for older children and partners.

Adding to the page can also be comforting for you, the unwell parent. It can be a space to focus your energies during a difficult time, and can reassure you that your thoughts, ideas and messages will not be lost. It can also be a place for you to reflect on the joys, achievements and connections of your own life.  

All Virtual Memory Boxes are free of charge.

Speak to your Information & Support Worker about a virtual memory box and they will connect you,
or a chosen friend/family member, with a member of our Team who can help you create one.

Customisable giving

Virtual Memory Boxes automatically generate a donation function, because some families like to include giving or fundraising in their memory making and remembering. This function is optional and can be completely removed when customising your page. If you aren't sure how to do this, our Team can help you. 

Click here to find out more about how Virtual Memory Boxes can facilitate in memory events and giving.

Star Tribute Garden

Virtual Memory Boxes automatically appear on our Star Tribute Garden and are visible to anyone who enters our website. They can also be searched for using the 'Find A Tribute' service on Much Loved.


This is a beautiful place where we honour and remember the mums and parents we have supported, who have sadly died. Anyone can leave messages or interact with the pages included in the Star Tribute Garden, although fundamental changes to the page itself are always under the control of the page owner/manager.

If you would prefer for you page to remain private we can facilitate this, however it will not appear on our Star Tribute Garden and will only be accessible via a direct link.

A young black child looks at a tablet with their parent. They are smiling. Text below says Proud to be working with MuchLoved

Contact your Information & Support Worker or email to discuss a Virtual Memory Box

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