About Us

About Us

Mummy’s Star is the only charity in the UK and Ireland dedicated to women and their families when the mother is diagnosed cancer during pregnancy shortly or after a birth. Our aim is to support pregnancy through cancer and beyond.

More specifically the charity focuses on supporting women and families where the:

  • Mother is diagnosed with cancer during her pregnancy.
  • Mother is diagnosed with cancer within a year of her giving birth.
  • Mother dies, following a diagnosis in either of the time periods above

Our Vision

Our mission is to ‘support pregnancy through and beyond cancer’.


The charity’s objects (“Objects”) are specifically restricted to the following:
the relief of sickness and need, and the preservation of health for those families who have a mother:
(a) who receives a diagnosis of cancer during her pregnancy (which is defined from being 1 week pregnant up to and including delivery, or if the pregnancy ends naturally or medically); or
(b) who receives a diagnosis of cancer at any time postnatally up to the youngest child turning 12 months old; or
(c) who loses her life to cancer, following a diagnosis in either of the time periods specified in (a) or (b) above,
by (but not limited to) the provision of financial assistance, support and practical advice.


To be in a position where any woman presenting with cancer during pregnancy/post birth at any hospital nationally is referred to Mummy’s Star and accesses the support we offer.


The work of Mummy’s Star is managed by a staff team of 6 on a day to day basis and is overseen by our board of trustees and medical advisors, all of whom have first-hand experience of this situation. This has come either from a medical perspective, going through this personally, caring for a partner or dealing with the early loss of a loved one. We hope that with this experience we will be able to help other women and families through this situation by offering practical support.

Confidentiality/Data Protection

All information that we receive from women and their families is treated with the strictest confidence along with the monitoring information we collect. We ask every family, when they make contact, whether they wish their feedback on our service to be made public on our website and other literature and this will only be done with their express permission.
The purpose of asking this question is that the more feedback we get from families, the more it helps us to adapt our services. Likewise feedback helps us to publicise the work we do to other families, partners, potential donors, hospitals and much more.

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Our Supporters

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  • Horwich Farrelly
  • Hobday Stevens Accountants
  • Jennifer Young  - Beauty Despite Cancer
  • Pramactive
  • Royal College of Midwives
  • Tosca Debt Capital
  • McBride
  • Next
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