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diagnosed with cancer


Diagnosed with Cancer

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Mummy's Star emotional support provides mums, partners and the wider family with online resources, support from peers through closed forums, and bespoke support directly with a dedicated support worker. In certain areas of the UK, we can also provide home visits. We also provide support for healthcare professionals looking after patients and their families who are experiencing cancer and pregnancy.

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Mummy's Star's informed support helps provide families with a better understanding of their situation and what's available to them. Chatting through options in our safe space enables them to consider the choices or options that are available to them. We also offer support and information to healthcare professionals whilst caring for their patients and their families.


Mummy's Star beyond support services can be accessed after treatment finishes or many months and years down the line. From the worry of cancer recurring, the lifelong emotional impact a cancer diagnosis has on mums and their wider family, maybe the fear of going through another pregnancy, dealing with a life-limiting diagnosis or sadly the loss
of a loved one.


Mummy's Star financial support offers small grant applications which are available to mums. We also provide signposting and advice for mums and their partners on their workplace entitlement, any other entitlements, potential benefits they could claim,

any other schemes or grants

that may be available to mums

and their families.


Mummy's Star advocacy support can help mums and their families express their views and concerns by providing useful signposting and a better understanding of options and potential outcomes for mums and their families. We can help families deal with any difficult decisions they may face on their journey, so they feel comfortable in making the right decisions for their family and situation.

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Mummy's Star educational support provides the exchange of shared and experienced knowledge through educational sessions, discussion groups with peers, and useful case study resources. We also provide online and learning resources, and signposting. We offer an easy to use patient referral system to enable healthcare professionals to quickly refer their patients to us.

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