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Treat your loved ones to a gift that really makes a difference. Gifts that Give bring support and comfort to our mums, birthing parents and families, and allow Mummy's Star to reach those who need us most. Choose yours today.

A family sitting together reading a book

age-appropriate books for child(ren) to help explain what cancer is, why mummy is ill, and to explore themes of love connection and grief.


A collection of items to make a care package including chocolate, facemask and knitted baby hat.

a care package sent to mum and family during treatment or recovery, reminding them that someone cares.



24hrs of Peer Support and updates from our Support Workers on our four online Support Forums 


A mum wearing a small baby in an orange sling crouches down to press her forehead against a small child facing her. They are outside on a path. They are all wearing wooly hats.

including a sturdy box with  voice recorder, scrapbook, letter writing set and much more. Gifted to a family when mum's cancer is incurable.


A brown teddy bear sitting on a blue blanket with white stars. Between its feet a small white voice recorder

a voice recorder so Mum can leave a voice message for her little one, which can be placed inside a teddy bear for hugs when mum isn't around.


A lecture theatre with a Mummy's Star banner at the top and a number of people sitting and listening in the raised seats

3x free places for midwives on one of our bespoke Cancer and Pregnancy training sessions in a hospital or university


Two white hands clasped on top of a blue blanket with white stars

one-to-one contact, support forum and more for all partners of our mums and birthing parents, for one week


A white person's arms rests on a hospital bed. There is a cannula in arm, at the elbow. The other hand is holding a white mobile phone

towards a tablet or similar device that allows mum to video call their family and maintain bonds with young children while in isolation.


A pregnancy belly in a striped t-shirt, with hands in front holding a white mug with the Mummy's Star logo

dedicated, confidential and personalised support provided by one of our skilled Information and Support Workers


A black woman with braids holds a red phone in front of her. Her other hand is clasped in a fist and pressed to her forehead. Her eyes are closed and she looks overwhelmed.

a video call to a newly diagnosed mum or birthing parent, to begin building trust and relationship with their Support Worker.



A woman wearing a flowery top with a large pregnancy bump, sits in a hospital chair wearing a chemotherapy cold cap. She is smiling at the camera.

towards travel and parking costs for a mum or birthing parent undergoing lifesaving cancer treatment 


A roughly 1yr old baby sits on a wooden floor wearing a blue Mummy's Star t-shirt and flowery leggings.

a day of childcare so mum can attend appointments and treatment with their partner, and know they are well cared for.


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