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1. You have been diagnosed with cancer during pregnancy.
2. You have been diagnosed with cancer within a year of giving birth.

3. You experience baby loss while diagnosed with cancer.

Eligibility criteria to access our support services are:

Click on the titles below to learn more about how we can support you.

A white woman sits on a sofa wearing a black and white striped shirt. She is holding her head in her hands and looking down. The wall behind her is burnt orange and there is a bunch of flowers blurred in the bottom left corner.
Pink box with white text says Emotional Support

What we can do to support you emotionally, including connecting you with a dedicated Support Worker and a peer support forum.

Four photos of women, three holding small babies, one pregnant and wearing a cold cap, are spliced together.
Blue box white text reads Support Library

Support articles, information, and real-life stories of cancer in or around pregnancy; to help you better understand your situation.

A long road with a river on the left and green bushes on the right, trees line both side. In the middle of the road a person in black trousers and brown shoes stands with a rainbow coloured umbrella over their shoulder. Their back is to the camera and you cannot see their torso or face.
Purple box white text Beyond Support

We can support you beyond diagnosis and treatment, including going back to work, future fertility, and more.

A man with shaved hair and a blue shirt sits behind a woman with black afro hair and a white shirt. On her lap is a small child whose head is just visible above the large brown book held in from of them. The family are sitting on the floor, there is a white sofa behind them.
Green box white text says Financial Support

We can help you manage the financial impact of a cancer diagnosis.

A woman with brown curly hair in a blue shirt is sitting at a kitchen table looking at  a white laptop. Next to her is a mug with a yellow motif. In the background you see her husband's arms and torso and a toddler sitting at a breakfast bar, in stripy pink and blue clothing.
Orange box white text Support Hub

Supportive 'Ask The Expert' sessions, treats and offers for the parents we support, and quick links to some of our most popular articles, along with other useful support organisations.

Emotional Support (3).png

We can offer tailored support if you receive a secondary / metastatic cancer diagnosis.

Emotional Support (2).png

We can support you and your family through pre-bereavement and beyond.

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