How We Work

How We Work

Our work is done through five main strands:

  • Providing a ‘one stop shop’ for advice on cancer diagnosis in pregnancy including links to localised services. This is supported directly by Macmillan.
  • Advocacy on behalf of our families. This includes support at hospital appointments, benefit entitlements, working with other organisations to draw in additional support, and employment rights advice. This includes extending our knowledge base and expertise regarding Trophoblastic Choriocarcinoma in 2014.
  • Emergency small grants for families which could be for anything which is deemed as supporting the family. For example, paying for a support carer/nanny to help in the house, payment to make up for unpaid leave taken by a partner to support at home above and beyond the allowances of paternity and travel costs. This is not an exhaustive list. Grants up to £1000 are also provided in the event of a terminal cancer diagnosis, for memory making activities, a family holiday, etc..
  • Facilitating peer support in a supervised setting via the use of administrated internet forums for affected women, their partners and wider family members. A second forum for affected women, specific to those diagnosed with a molar pregnancy, was created in July 2015. This was as a direct response to the particular needs of this user group, whose situation was notably different from the majority of forum users, particularly in regard to the absence of a live birth. Administrators felt that it would be more sensitive to provide a protected space for these women to share. Also, where appropriate, staff provide support for all affected women individually via email, phone, Facebook and occasionally in person, thereby reducing isolation.
  • In the event of the death of a mum, we continue to support both for the surviving partner, through widowers networks, and also counselling support for them and their children.

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