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Cancer and Pregnancy Awareness Week : It Could Be Cancer - obstacles to a cancer diagnosis in and around pregnancy, real life stories that remind us cancer can come at the most unexpected time
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"I still find it hard to fathom that the body, in the same space of time
that it created and grew a new life, 
was also developing
something that can kill too."

It's our 10th ANNUAL Awareness Week and we are going back to basics,
reminding you that a pregnant or post-natal person can still develop cancer.

We have TWO campaign streams running side by side this year...

Square graphic with a black woman in nurses scrubs and a mask. Text on top reads: Think. it could be cancer.


Highlighting obstacles to a cancer diagnosis in and around pregnancy and how to overcome them.


This content is aimed at healthcare and maternity students and professionals and will feature on the website, Twitter and LinkedIn.

I never thought...

5 mums tell 5 real-life over 5 days, to remind us that cancer can come at the most unexpected time.

This content is for everyone and will feature on our website, Facebook and Instagram.

A white woman holding a baby to her chest, the baby is breastfeeding.  Text on top reads I never thought it could be cancer

Support #CPAW23

Downloads, brand toolkit and more...

We've created a series of graphics and posters and suggested social media for you to download and share on your own social media and in your workplace and community. 

Think. It Could Be Cancer
Think. It Could Be Cancer
mummy's star page

Schedules for the week

Schedule for CPAW23
Monday - Too Young
Tuesday - Symptom MAsking
Wednesday - Multiple Presentations
Thursday - Who Takes The Lead?
Friday - Think, Refer, Escalate, Educate
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