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Cancer & Pregnancy Awareness Week

24th - 28th June 2024 #CPAW24

be body aware awareness week 24

Cancer symptoms can be masked by the natural changes a body goes through while pregnant or after a birth.

Body awareness can empower you, or someone you know or love, to notice concerning changes early and give you the confidence to report them to a healthcare professional.

If your concerns turn out to be symptoms of something serious, early exploration and diagnosis can be key to an improved outcome.

We know it can be difficult to stay connected to what's 'normal' while in the flux of pregnancy or adjusting to life with a newborn.

During #CPAW24 we will be sharing simple ways for pregnant and post-natal people to stay body aware, through pregnancy and beyond.

Check back here, and on all our social media channels, throughout the week for content including:

* tips to stay body aware

* symptom masking - what it is and what to look for

* real life stories from mums who have experienced cancer in or around pregnancy

Support #CPAW24

We've created a supporter image and a participation toolkit, with graphics and suggested social media posts, for you to download and share with your friends and followers.

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