Raising awareness around cancer and pregnancy

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Our university talks receive excellent feedback all over the UK and Ireland. They provide a great opportunity to learn about not only Mummy’s Star and our work in greater depth but more importantly provide the opportunity to learn how and why we can provide a positive pregnancy/post-natal experience for women diagnosed at this time, learning from real-life examples through interaction and designing mock care plans. Ideal for students studying midwifery, nursing and other related disciplines. Book a session with us today by completing our online booking form.

Book an information session

We can come and deliver a short information session for your hospital teams of any discipline up to a maximum of 1 hour to minimise the impact of staff time and meeting schedules. These sessions cover what we do as a charity and how we can help support both families and health professionals. Book a session with us today by completing our online booking form.

Access online training

This is something we hope to offer soon as an accredited online training course.

Useful resources

While there is limited information available about cancer and pregnancy, treatment options and general research, we think you will find the following useful:


Cancer and Pregnancy (Macmillan & Mummy’s Star)


International Network for Cancer in Pregnancy (INCIP)


PosMat Project


Making the case for donor breast milk


Research shows that pregnant women with cancer can be treated as effectively as women who are not pregnant.


In general, doctors try as far as possible to treat in the same way as a non-pregnant woman with the same cancer.

Because cancer in pregnancy is rare, there is less evidence available from large trials to guide treatment options.


The right treatment for a woman depends on the type of cancer she has, its stage and how many weeks pregnant she is.

What students thought of our presentation

'Kept my attention for the whole 3 hours! Definitely feel more confident about potentially looking after a woman diagnosed in pregnancy/postnatally.'                                                     

University of Nottingham, Midwifery Student


'I felt that the presentation was extremely useful and full of amazing stories and information. I would highly recommend this presentation to anyone as it is an eye-opener to the subject of cancer and pregnancy. I now recognise the greater need for health promotion and support for women experiencing cancer in pregnancy.'                

University of Hertfordshire, Midwifery Student 


'I thoroughly enjoyed the presentation and was able to learn so much on how to support women and their families during this period. I felt it has helped equip me with the knowledge I can use as a student midwife and throughout my career as a midwife!.'

Kings College London, Midwifery Student

'The session with Mummy’s Star was wonderful. The information and stories provided were well delivered, very interesting and relevant to midwifery practice. It was so helpful to hear all the ways we could positively impact women’s experiences during such a difficult time.'

Kingston & St Georges, Midwifery Student

Recent event January 2021 - Midwifery Hour 

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