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Bespoke training and education sessions focusing on cancer in and around pregnancy

Why bespoke training focused on cancer and pregnancy?

The intricacies of cancer in and around pregnancy are still absent from many university and training curriculums. We are bringing this vital and bespoke awareness to maternity and medical students, educators and professionals in order to fill that gap and improve awareness and knowledge across the sector.

Click here to hear our CEO Pete introducing the training and education sessions.

Click here to hear from a midwife about why our training sessions are so important.

Book a session

To book a session with us, click here and completing our online booking form.

What does the training cover?

Built using academic and anecdotal evidence gathered by Mummy’s Star and its associates and partners over the last 10 years. We are constantly updating the content to include the newest, most relevant insights and statistics, as well as telling you more about Mummy’s Star and the support we offer, and most importantly bringing you the voices and experiences of actual families who we have supported through various stages of pregnancy, illness, and recovery.

Lead by our CEO Pete – whose personal journey with his own wife’s terminal cancer just weeks after the birth of their second child was the catalyst for Mummy’s Star – these sessions are ideal for healthcare professionals or students studying midwifery, nursing and other disciplines and topics covered include:

  • How cancer signs and symptoms can be masked by pregnancy

  • Challenges faced by families post-diagnosis

  • The positive impact that healthcare professionals can have on a patient's experience


 Session can be tailored to suit your specific needs and can be delivered virtually or in person.

Feedback from recent attendees 

'Kept my attention for the whole 3 hours! Definitely feel more confident about potentially looking after a woman diagnosed in pregnancy/postnatally.'                                                     

University of Nottingham, Midwifery Student


'I felt that the presentation was extremely useful and full of amazing stories and information. I would highly recommend this presentation to anyone as it is an eye-opener to the subject of cancer and pregnancy. I now recognise the greater need for health promotion and support for women experiencing cancer in pregnancy.'                

University of Hertfordshire, Midwifery Student 


'I thoroughly enjoyed the presentation and was able to learn so much on how to support women and their families during this period. I felt it has helped equip me with the knowledge I can use as a student midwife and throughout my career as a midwife!'

Kings College London, Midwifery Student

'The session with Mummy’s Star was wonderful. The information and stories provided were well delivered, very interesting and relevant to midwifery practice. It was so helpful to hear all the ways we could positively impact women’s experiences during such a difficult time.'

Kingston & St Georges, Midwifery Student

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