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£12 could provide a family with a voice recorder small enough to fit inside a cuddly toy or pillow. Mum can leave a message in their own voice for their child(ren) or vice versa. They are also included in memory making kits.


If you choose, we can send you a Mummy's Star pin, information leaflet and a festive gift tag for every gift you purchase. Send it to your loved one so they know what a difference they have made to mums and families in need, this Christmas!


Be sure to add promo code 'GIVEAGIFT' at the checkout to include free postage on your donation.


"Another way to help the children cope and deal with Mummy not being there was using little bears. So, at night [they] could hold Mummy's bear and still hear Mummy's voice."


Lynsey Star Mum and author of Mummy Goes To Hospital


Donations are assigned to 'pots' designated for a particular type of support. Your donation will be assigned to the most appropriate pot, based on the gift description, then used to bring that type of support to mums, birthing parents and families affected by cancer in and around pregnancy.



Hearing Mum's Voice

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