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£80 could cover the cost of a memory making kit, including a wooden memory box, activity books, a journal, voice recorder and teddy. These kits are gifted to families when it is likely that mum's cancer cannot be cured or when they are coming to the end of their life. The box allows mum to leave precious memories for their child(ren) to cherish when they are no longer around.


If you choose, we can send you a Mummy's Star pin, information leaflet and a festive gift tag for every gift you purchase. Send it to your loved one so they know what a difference they have made to mums and families in need, this Christmas!


Be sure to add promo code 'GIVEAGIFT' at the checkout to include free postage on your donation.


"None of us know how long we are going to live, all of us will face grief at some time, but we can survive it with love & support."


a Mum diagnosed with cancer in 2011


Donations are assigned to 'pots' designated for a particular type of support. Your donation will be assigned to the most appropriate pot, based on the gift description, then used to bring that type of support to mums, birthing parents and families affected by cancer in and around pregnancy.



Memory Making Kit

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