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Mummy's Star Funeral Collection

Honouring your loved one with a collection at their funeral is a wonderful way to
remember them and support a meaningful cause.

Choose how you'd like to donate your funeral collection to Mummy's Star...

1. Collect the donations in cash with the help of your funeral director and have them send the total to us.

2. Collect the donations in cash yourself and then make a one-off donation via our website.

3. Create a Tribute Page for your loved one. This can be used to take online donations and you can add offline, cash donations to the page total too.

You can also share funeral details, photos, memories and messages with family, friends and colleagues. 

We can send you small cards or a QR code to include in the Order of Service to guide people directly to the page.

An example of a tribute page with the heading Always Remembered and a picture of a white woman with long white hair and holding a bunch of purple flowers
purple tribute bunch of flowers
A small boy with blonde hair leans against a sofa cushion looking at a laptop screen. An adult's hand is pointing to the screen
mummy's star logo
mummy's star logo

Thank you for thinking of our families at such a difficult time, we are extremely grateful. 

We will gladly assist you in organising a funeral collection, donation or tribute page.
Email Keli, our In Memory Co-ordinator, and she will help you get started.

Or start straight away by completing the short form below. 

It will take you to our partner site Much Loved where the tribute page will be built.

mummy's star logo
mummy's star blue writs band lying on a bed of white flowers
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