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Be Body Aware in pregnancy & beyond

24th - 28th June 2024  #CPAW24

During #CPAW24 we will be sharing simple ways for pregnant and post-natal people to stay body aware, through pregnancy and beyond.

Cancer symptoms can be masked by the expected changes your body may go through.
Body awareness can empower you (or someone you know) to notice concerning changes early and give you the confidence to report them to a healthcare professional.

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Monday | Touch Your Body

During pregnancy and after birth, bodies will show many physical changes. You will have to reacquaint yourself with how your body looks and feels regularly. This can be an enjoyable opportunity to show yourself some love and care, but these changes can feel very difficult, provoking feelings of loss, frustration, even grief.

However you feel about touching your body, during and after pregnancy, it is still an excellent way to notice unexpected changes as soon as they appear; especially on your skin and in your breasts or chest.

Tuesday | Hear Your Body

During pregnancy and after birth your body may use sensations, thoughts or feelings to draw your attention to parts and places where you need extra support. It can be easy to put off your own discomforts to focus on your impending due date or your new baby’s needs. Some feelings or sensations might be brand new or very different to what you experienced before pregnancy.


As your body begins to speak a different ‘pregnancy’ language, it’s important to keep listening so you catch any concerning changes as soon as possible.

Wednesday | See Your Body

Your body might use visual signals to communicate with you and draw attention to parts and places that have changed or need attention. Not everyone finds it easy to look closely at their body, but being aware of your ‘normal’ is important for noticing changes in things like discharge or bowel and bladder movements.

Finding ways and times where you can comfortably look at and interpret the visual signals of your body is important to staying healthy while pregnant or after birth.

Thursday | Move Your Body

Some of the easiest changes to miss are changes to your physical abilities. It can be tricky to remember what once felt ‘normal’, especially if your body has been permanently affected by labour or pregnancy.

You will likely be using your body in lots of new ways, some of which can help you measure whether your physical abilities have changed, and whether those changes are concerning.

Friday | 5 keys to unlock the changes

On day 5, we offer 5 Keys to unlock the reason for changes in pregnancy and beyond:

Trust your instinct and experiences
If it doesn't feel or function right: tell someone
Keep routine appointments
Don’t wait for the ‘right’ professional 
See your GP or community care teams

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Download the booklet!

We've created a beautiful booklet of tips and suggestions to make connecting with your body easier
for pregnant and post-natal people. 

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Join the webinar!

Join us for a free webinar during Cancer & Pregnancy Awareness Week:

Connecting with Your Body: During and After Pregnancy
with Postnatal Doula Sam Reynold

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Thursday 27th June, 12:30-1:30pm, via Zoom
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Support #CPAW24

We've created a toolkit with graphics and suggested social media posts for you to download and share with your friends and followers. 

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