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"I still find it hard to fathom that the body, in the same space of time
that it created and grew a new life, 
was also developing
something that can kill too."

It's our 10th ANNUAL Awareness Week and we are going back to basics,
reminding you that a pregnant or post-natal person can still develop cancer.

We have TWO campaign streams running side by side this year...
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Our first campaign is aimed at healthcare and maternity students and professionals and this content will feature on the website, Twitter and LinkedIn.


Theme and schedule coming soon!

Our public campaign will feature on our website,
Facebook and Instagram and the theme will be shared very soon!

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Support #CPAW23

Downloads, brand toolkit and more...

We've created a series of graphics and posters you can download and share on your own social media and in your workplace and community. The full toolkit will be available soon.
For now you can download and share these images to let people know when #CPAW23 will be...

CPAW Logo with images
of mums/parents

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CPAW Logo with images
of HCPs


Schedule for the week

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