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Our support does not stop when treatment is over.  Mummy's Star is here for you and your family
for as long as you need us.

We can support you with:
  • the emotional and psychological impact of finishing treatment
  • the physical side effects of your treatment
  • returning to work
  • concerns around future pregnancies
  • fear of cancer reoccurrence
  • and more...

Please note: we are not a counselling service or a crisis support service. 

Everyone recovers from cancer in their own time and in their own way. Some people can feel pressure or expectation to recover immediately, or return to how they were before their diagnosis. In reality, you will need time and space to process what you have experienced in the past and to explore who you are and how you have changed in the present.

The weeks, months and years after treatment can be full of unexpected, overwhelming and conflicting emotions and both psychological and practical changes. 

Returning to work

After you have finished your cancer treatment, you may be considering your options in relation to work. We have a number of articles that look at a variety of issues that may come up. Where possible, signposting has been given to other websites and organisations that cover the topic in more depth. If, after reading the information provided, you have unanswered questions, please contact your Information and Support Worker who will try to help you or direct to other resources.

A family of three smile at the camera. Dad is sitting on the floor holding baby on his shoulders. Mum has her chin tucked on top of the baby's shoulder. Mum and baby are wearing headscarves.

'Scanxiety' and 'Cancerversaries'

It's incredibly common to have a build up of anxiety or low mood when it comes to having scans and check ups following cancer treatment, or when an 'anniversary' of diagnosis or completing treatment occurs.


Returning to the hospital can raise painful or difficult memories. Some people struggle to share these feelings with family or friends, as they don't want to upset them either. 

You can share these thoughts and feelings with a Mummy's Star Support Worker or with other mums and birthing parents on our Forum.

Time to think

Diagnosis and treatment are busy times full of new information, appointments and very immediate concerns. When treatment is over you may find you have a lot more time and energy to think about your feelings and experiences of your or your partner's cancer.

The types of thoughts and feelings, and their intensity, you experience may be surprising. You may also feel they don't fit into your daily life. Some people feel guilty, that they 'should be happy', and choose not to share them with others.

Sharing these feelings and experiences is vital to moving forward and maintaining your mental wellbeing. As well as sharing with your Mummy's Star peers and Support Workers, you might also want to see out professional counselling or other support groups.

Partner Support

During cancer treatment, a partner will likely take on the role of carer and it can be difficult to re-establish the boundaries and expectations of your relationship, after this kind of (necessary and loving) change.

We offer support specifically for partners both during and after treatment. Even if a partner has not engaged with us during diagnosis or treatment, we will be happy to provide support during the beyond period.


Secondary Cancer and End of Life Support

We also offer specific support for anyone going through a secondary cancer diagnosis and/or end of life care.

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