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If a cancer spreads and becomes secondary, metastatic or incurable, we still offer you all our usual support, including a dedicated Information and Support Worker who can help process the emotional and psychological impact of your diagnosis, and access to our online peer-support Forum.


In addition, we can also offer you:

  • memory making support (including a memory box)
  • an online space where you and your loved ones can build a virtual memory store for the future
  • guidance in making end of life preparations, including financial and funeral plans
  • support in choosing and accessing the right palliative care
  • referrals and signposting to additional sources of bereavement support
  • articles and advice specifically related to incurable cancer

Please note: we are not a counselling service or a crisis support service. 

If cancer cells spread to other parts or organs within the body than the original diagnosis, this is known as secondary cancer, also known as metastatic ('mets'), secondary or stage 4 cancer.


Unfortunately, this now means that the cancer is no longer curable.​

Living With Secondary Cancer

There are still a variety of different treatment options available in this situation, depending on where your cancer has spread, to control and prevent further growth or spread of secondary cancer. Treatment can continue to be given as long as it remains effective and is being well-tolerated. Many people continue to live well with secondary cancer.

End Of Life Support

End of life care supports an individual to live as well as possible until they die, and to then die with dignity. It also supports the family and friends who are part of that journey, including bereavement support afterwards. 

Open and honest conversations around an incurable prognosis and end of life isn’t easy, but are important for everyone involved. They can ensure everyone receives the support they need and encourages open discussions about other services, options and support that may not have previously been considered. ​

CPAW 21 logo.jpg
#CPAW2021 - 'When Cancer Cannot Be Cured'


For Cancer and Pregnancy Awareness Week 2021 we focused exclusively on the lived experience of secondary cancer as shared with us by the mums, parents and families we support.

The week's content covered topics such as:

  • Language

  • Loss and change

  • The importance of connection

  • Supporting someone living with incurable cancer

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