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End of life care supports a person to live as well as possible until they die, and to then die with dignity. We can support you and your family and friends, who are also part of that journey, including
pre-bereavement support beforehand and bereavement support afterwards. 


We can offer:

  • guidance in making end of life preparations, including financial and funeral plans
  • support in choosing and accessing the right palliative care
  • referrals and signposting to additional sources of bereavement support
  • memory making support (including a physical memory box)
  • a Virtual Memory Box to build a store of photos, stories and messages for the future (hosted online)

Please note: we are not a counselling service or a crisis support service. 

Pre bereavement 

When moving into palliative or end of life care, you and your family may move into a pre-bereavement state where you begin to face the reality of your death.  


Anticipatory grief is a feeling of loss before someone dies. You might experience it for yourself and your loved ones may feel it too. It can reveal a mixture of emotional responses including anger, anxiety and exhaustion and even physical effects.

Your Information and Support Worker can walk through this period with you and signpost you to  organisations that specialise in supporting you through this difficult journey.

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Memory Making 

Your Information & Support Worker can help you explore memory making as a way to prepare for and make the most of your time with family and loved ones. They can discuss and help you to plan memory making activities and sometimes help access funding to support this.


They can send you a physical memory box filled with items and treats, along with ideas on how to fill it. You can also access an personal online memory box, hosted by our dedicated Much Loved tribute platform. 

Virtual memory boxes (also called 'tribute pages') are a secure and fully customisable online page where you can upload photos, videos, messages and more. Many parents like to create these virtual spaces as a resource for their young children to access when they are older. They can also be used to share practical arrangements and continue the memory sharing when the time comes. The page can be private, just for you and your family, or it can be shared with wider family and friends to contribute memories, pictures and thoughts too.

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Talking and preparing

It can be difficult and painful to talk about dying but having comversations, even difficult ones, about what is to come and how it will look can be incredibly helpful.


Preparing your funeral and any other practical or financial arrangements, reduces the weight of expectation on your loved ones when they are grieving. It can also bring you peace of mind to know that your family and friends will be safe and well looked after when you are gone.

Your Information and Support Worker can help you access resources that can guide you through this process, including:

> Book

> Book

> Course

We also have a number of blogs in our Support Library that will introduce the different elements you might consider.

Supporting your children

There are lots of resources available that can support you to explain and process the imminent loss of a parent with your child or children. This will always be a unique process, that you can move through at your own speed and using the language and information that fits for your family.

Our Information and Support Workers can help you access these resources and direct you to organisations that specialise in supporting children through this. They can also be a listening ear and supportive sounding board to help you decide what kind of support suits your family best.

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