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Emotional Support for partners

Support we can offer you:
  • Connect you with our founder Pete who can check in regularly, be available for chats, questions and conversation and can help with finding practical support for yourself and your family.
  • Connect you to a peer support Forum for partners supporting loved ones with chronic illness
  • Signpost and refer you to other relevant support organisations such as grant giving trusts and mental health providers.

Please note: we are not a counselling service or a crisis support service

One-to-one support

Our founder Pete created Mummy's Star after his wife Mair died from metastatic breast cancer shortly after the birth of their second child. He offers one-to-one support to partners of women and birthing people diagnosed with cancer in or around pregnancy. If you would be more comfortable speaking with a female support worker, we can link you with one of our dedicated Information and Support Workers. This will be a different Support Worker than the person supporting your partner (if they have one) so you can be sure you have a confidential space to share your thoughts and feelings. They will remain in contact with you for as long as you wish, using whichever method of communication you prefer (email, text, phone call etc.). Their role is to listen and to give you information on the challenges and possibilities you might face.

As well as being a friendly voice and a listening ear, Pete and our Support Workers can also help you access other parts of our support services and to access support from other service providers too.

How often you speak to you Pete or your Support Worker and how much your share with them is entirely up to you; they will build the support relationship to suit your preferences and needs.

A man and a woman standing in a park in autumn. She lays her head on his shoulder and he is pressing his cheek against her head.
A man in silhouette, holding a baby in front of him, pressing his forehead to its forehead. Behind them the sun is setting through a window.

“I feel like I have a friend who understands what I am going through, someone who can provide positivity and support."

Peer Support Forum

Through Mummy's Star, you have access to a private Forum for partners supporting a loved one through a chronic illness.


The Forum is a mutually supportive peer resource hosted by our founder Pete and assisted by Keiran Operations Manager at Dad Matters UK. Members are men in the majority but the Forum is open to people of all genders. 

The Forum is a place to meet other people who have gone or are going through similar experiences to you. Sharing experiences, asking questions and making connections are all a great way to maintain your own mental and emotional health.​

Signposting and Referrals


You and your family will have your own unique set of circumstances and support needs, and some of them will be better served by other oragnisations. We host a comprehensive list that anyone can access. Some require referrals or are specific to a geographical location, and we can help you to draw up a list and send out applications, and make referrals, to those that suit you best.

Family Support

You might be wondering what kind of support is available for your family, specifically your partner and child(ren). Mummy’s Star offers specific support to mums and birthing parents, and you can find out more about it here. We also have some tips, and suggested reading and resources, to help make talking to your child(ren) about cancer easier.

A black man holds a baby in his arms, its back pressed to his chest. He kisses the baby's cheek.

“My Support Worker has gone above and beyond with emails and phone calls to stay in touch, check in and more. She has been the key to unlocking so much information and support I could access for my family and I. 

Two women cuddling on a sofa with a baby laying on the chest of one woman, while the other smiles at them both.
Crisis Support Services

We are not a counselling service or crisis support service.
If you or someone you love are in immediate danger or require immediate assistance please contact:


  • If you are in immediate danger: DIAL 999

  • Emergency Mental Health Line: 111, Choose Option 2

  • Samaritans 24hr Helpline: 116 123

  • Shout Crisis Text Line: text 'SHOUT' to 85258

  • 24hr National Domestic Abuse Helpline: 0808 2000 247 

  • Childline: 0800 1111 7.30am-3.30am

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