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Pregnancy Fears

A cancer diagnosis during pregnancy can spark a host of unexpected fears and concerns...

Following a diagnosis of cancer during your pregnancy, you will likely be extremely worried about your own health and that of your baby. These fears are completely normal and many of them can be eased by asking the right questions and seeking support from appropriate sources.

Can I speak to my midwife or GP about my cancer and pregnancy?

Yes! Your midwife(s) and GP should be able to answer a number of questions and concerns for you, both at routine ante-natal appointments to check on baby's development and at any additional appointments you choose to arrange. If they aren't sure you can suggest they contact Mummy's Star and we can support them in supporting you.

Don't be afraid to book an appointment if you need to share a concern or ask a question! Your mental wellbeing and stress levels are a vital part of staying healthy during a pregnancy, so addressing any concerns is important and an excellent use of your and their time.

Can I have cancer treatment while pregnant?

In many cases, yes. A number of cancer treatments are considered safe at certain stages of pregnancy, including some surgeries and chemotherapy. Your oncology team will discuss your options with you, which will be based on both the type and grade of the cancer and the trimester in which it is diagnosed.

If you want to clarify and confirm these options you can speak to a Mummy's Star Support Worker or ask for a second opinion.

Will my cancer treatment hurt my baby?

No, if a cancer treatment has been cleared for your care it will not be harmful to your baby. Any treatments that could cause harm will be discounted, at least until your child is born.

Will I have to be induced / have baby early?

Induction is often considered when the mother/birthing parent is pregnant to ensure a safe and controlled delivery for them and the child. The induction date may be earlier than your due date if cancer treatment needs to begin as soon as possible. If this is something you are concerned about, speak to your maternity and oncology teams to get all the information about why they believe this is the best choice for you.

Will I be able to have a baby shower / do pregnancy yoga / decorate the nursery etc.?

While your cancer may impact your capacity to do some of the 'normal' or expected things during pregnancy, we encourage you to embrace as much of these pregnancy 'milestones' as possible, in a way that is safe for you and your child. This might mean making events a little more low-key, having a babymoon in the UK rather than abroad, and/or getting extra help to get things ready for the new arrival.

Pregnancy can still be a time of precious memories, alongside the difficult ones. Mummy's Star will do all we can to help ensure this.

If you have any other pregnancy related fears, don't hesitate to reach out to your Information and Support Worker or email for referral.


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