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A Race To Remember

Two sisters have taken on a half marathon challenge in loving memory of their third sister, Star Mum, Hannah

Over a year since losing Hannah to metastatic bowel cancer, Megan and Beth have chosen to take on the Great North Run to honour her memory and raise funds for Mummy's Star...

Our hearts were broken, and our worlds turned upside down when we lost Hannah to cancer last year. She received the diagnosis and gave birth to her precious daughter, Sadie, only days apart. Hannah spent just seven weeks with Sadie before she passed, also leaving behind her beautiful two year old boy Jude, her husband, her parents and a big family who all adored her; not to mention Hannah’s friends, work colleagues and the children she taught.

Beth says...

Since losing Hannah I have really struggled to comprehend and articulate the magnitude of losing her and how badly I miss her. There is so much sadness for all she is missing out on with her children and family.

I am hoping that having a focus and time outdoors to train will help with my processing and grief.

I know, in true Hannah style she would want us to be positive and make the most of life, and would most definitely be supportive of us taking on this challenge.

Megan says...

Hannah’s absence is greatly felt within our family. Every time her children smile at me, giggle, or do something new, I feel so proud but also heartbroken that I’m witnessing it and not Hannah. She is and never will be far from my mind. I miss her so much.

For me, it’s important to keep Hannah’s memory alive, and to support a charity that helped in her final weeks. They supported Hannah in those precious last weeks of her life and have been a source of support for Andrew, Hannah’s husband since.

The Great North Run is something I’ve always wanted to do, and this past year has taught me not to put anything off for another day

To honour Hannah’s memory we joined #TeamMummyStar back in April, along with our and Hannah's good friend Catherine.

You can support us and all the Mummy's Star runners here:



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