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for Ariella, 'my one and only'

Emma was diagnosed with Grade 3 IDC stage 2 Breast Cancer when her baby daughter, Ariella, was just 5 months old.

I looked after her every day and night throughout my whole treatment including when I had chemotherapy and surgery. She’s my rock.

To express her love for her beautiful Star Baby and process some of her experiences of cancer around pregnancy she wrote this poem.

The strength I have inside sometimes feels like a tiny ember, When it’s nearly gone, I have to make myself remember.

I fight each day to recognise the woman and mother staring back at me, For this woman had Breast Cancer, then the treatment, and the surgery.

You’re a warrior, you’re brave, you’re inspirational, people say, If only I felt a bit of one of those things, for just a bit of just one day.

But, I’m so very lucky as I have Ariella, my beautiful baby daughter to raise, My baby, she lit the flame again to heat those really, really hard days.

The blessing to be able to share each moment spent with her, I’m so very thankful as she really doesn’t care.

As long as she is loved, she is happy, and she is fed, It really doesn’t matter to her what’s happening inside my head.

Sometimes the flame gets bigger, sometimes it’s burning low, Just remember my beautiful girl, it’s down to you that together we will glow.

My darling Ariella, you saved me, more than you will ever know and need to, For that I owe you my life, and for yours I will always protect you.

Thank you so much, I feel privileged for you to use [the poem] as the support I have received through Mummy’s Star has been invaluable.

Emma x



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