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Unstoppable - a poem 'to uplift and empower'

Stacey was diagnosed with with Triple Negative Breast Cancer in both her breasts and lymph nodes, in August 2022. She wrote this poem to uplift and empower other mums and parents living with cancer.

'I wanted to add something out there for people to see where they can think 'actually you know what, I can do this'.


Cancer. You're no secret. I've heard of you.

The power who can take.

Now that we've met, I get it. You're deadly; I make no mistake.

A typhoon, ripping everything apart.

Gripping relationships, friendships, confidence and health.

Dismantling a person from the inside out and forcing a fear of death.

Growing inside of me, a new unwanted resident.

Hurting, crying, controlling, traumatising Trying to convince me I'm insignificant

Insignificant? Me?

You slipped up there.

You see I'm not insignificant

none of us are.

We ooze courage, hope and when we lack, we have each other So that we can get back up living life in all of our colour

You can't shake our courage or hope

Now we know, you're limited

You only have control for a short while to have us feel hunted

Your power is poison, to have us feel lifeless But you dismiss our power, Our power is in love, strength and kindness

It's our love that builds a warrior, yes, we're remarkable For a moment I forgot I'm a warrior

And you forgot I'm unstoppable

Stacey x



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