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The Star Jump Challenge!

Our 2023 Festive Fundraiser is HERE & we want YOU to be part of it

This December the Mummy's Star Team is taking on a new challenge to raise funds and awareness for our families and to say a big THANK YOU to our supporters for ten fantastic years of support!

1. The Challenge

Every day between the 1st and 24th December, members of the Mummy's Star Team will be STAR JUMPING!

It's an accumulator challenge so each day the number of minutes jumping will increase...

1st December = 1 minute of star jumps

2nd December = 2 minutes of star jumps

24th December - 24 minutes of star jumps!

The jumps don't have to happen all at once, but the minutes per day has to be completed on the appropriate date.

The Team will be making videos, taking photos and collaborating with some of their amazing supporter organisations as the month goes on!

2. The Goal

Our fundraising target is £360 which is enough to support a new mum or birthing parent, diagnosed with cancer in or around pregnancy, for a whole year.

We also want to raise awareness of #CancerAndPregnancy and Mummy's Star by creating fun videos and sharing daily updates on our social media.

You can help by sharing our posts with your friends and followers and by clicking here to donate at our Just Giving Page.

3. The Mini Challenge

If the main challenge isn't your thing you can help us go viral instead!

Do you remember the Ice Bucket Challenge? Well we aren't asking you to have a freezing shower, but it's simple and similar. We would love it if you:

1) Record yourself doing 1 minute of star jumps

2) Share the video on your socials

3) Nominate up to 3 friends to take on the challenge

Be sure to tag us and use the hashtag #starjumpchallenge


Facebook/Twitter: @mummysstar

Remember: Star Jumps don't have to be on your feet! You can sit in a chair and use your arms, lay on your back and make 'star angels'... Have fun and make them your own!

We are so excited to start jumping and to see you all jump too!

If you have any questions, need help taking part or making a donation, email us at



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